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Everything You Need To Know About Micro-Blading (Eyebrow Embroidery)

Author: Cloe Mak (jujujucloe)

cloe's eyebrow embroidery

Curious about the process of micro‑blading and how it really feels like? Here’s a beginner’s guide to eyebrow embroidery.

NO. 1

Our Biggest Mistake

If you’d ask me what is one of my biggest regrets in the past, my answer would be me destroying my eyebrows at the age of 15.

I’m sure some of us (including myself), suffered at the hands of not someone, but yourself. To get a perfect brow shape, either you’re blessed with nicely shaped brows since birth or you have a really good pair of tweezers, whilst being a skilled brow expert.

Others are born with sparse brows, have to deal with brow loss due to excessive plucking or too much exposure to cosmetics or other harsh chemicals.

NO. 2

Filling Up The Empty Spaces

No one has ever shared with me that my brows were too lightly coloured (almost not visible) when I was in my early 20s. Not until I found @highbrowsg, who has helped me regain so much confidence in myself and drastically changed my life, after getting my brow embroidery done. This procedure is perfect for someone who wants to touch up your brow shape and fill up the empty ‘spaces’ or change a completely different brow shape.
cloe micro blading
before vs after brow embroidery
NO. 3

Different Brow Techniques

Eyebrow embroidery is a kind of cosmetic procedure that applies pigment in the brow area to mimic the appearance of natural brow strands. Over the years, eyebrow embroidery techniques has evolved drastically (from 2D to 7D). The newer techniques uses finer blades to draw on lighter and more defined brows. Making the final result a realistic, natural looking pair of brows that noone can even tell it’s drawn on.
NO. 4

What To Look Out For

Make sure to do a thorough research of a brow salon with the best ambience that you would feel comfortable in. Present a few photo references and selfies of how you normally style your brows or prefer so that your brow technician can have a better gauge of the design you want. I shared with my brow beautician, Andy (with an experience of 20 years) my preferred kind of brows, that is straighter looking brows, and natural. Andy suggested me to do the best Brow Enliven ‑ strand by strand (7D).
7d brow enliven
performing eyebrow embroidery
NO. 5

Pain Tolerance

Before beginning the embroidery, your brow technician will apply numbing cream all over your eyebrows to minimize the pain. According to most people who have undergone eyebrow embroidery before, it feels just like threading or tweezing. There may be slight discomfort for first timers, not the most pleasant of sensations, but certainly a bearable level of pain!).The whole process took me about 1.5‑2 hours depending on what brow technique you’re going for, and how your brow looks!
NO. 6

Post‑Brow Embroidery

Highbrow also provides aftercare‑treatment (chargeable) that you can use for daytime and nighttime use.
before vs after eyebrow embroidery
brush eyebrow
NO. 7

Is Brow Embroidery Worth The Investment?

If you live a busy hectic lifestyle, undergoing a brow embroidery procedure will definitely help in saving a significant amount of time fixing your makeup.The good thing about brow embroidery is that if it is maintained properly, its shape may stay for at least two years or more. They only need to do some follow‑up treatments to keep the pigments from fading fast.
NO. 8

Will You Return?

If you ask me if I’d do it all over again the next time, I would say yes! I personally feel that brows are one of the most important facial features. It improves your personality and builds confidence within you. They not only frame your face, it changes the rest of your facial feature looks.
before vs after eyebrow embroidery
eyebrow embroidery