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Spa Treatment Package
Anti Age Treatment
Effectively reduce wrinkles, restore skin radiance and enhance skin elasticity.
$ 68.00
Honey Dew Treatment
Fast and effective hand treatment that moisturizes and firms your skin instantly.
$ 28.00
Nail Mask Treatment
滋润,修复 和 恢复指甲光泽。
Moisturize, repair and restore unruly nails and make them shine.
$ 58.00
Urea Treatment
Highly effective in locking in moisture, reduces callus and cracks and renews skin cells.
$ 148.00
Red Wine & Citrus Treatment
缓解静脉曲张,水肿,促进血液循环,紧致肌肤。 糖尿患者,孕妇,累脚及各类肌肤使用。
Relieve varicose veins, edema and promote blood circulation. Suitable for diabetics, pregnant women and people with tired legs.
$ 148.00
Citrus Treatment
Deodorizing and antibacterial. Effective in moisturizing, firming, boost blood circulation and relieves tiredness.
$ 98.00